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Important Notice About Sales Tax

All products and services that would be subject to sales and use tax under New York State Law (excluding those provided through external vendors, such as Cafe Press and Amazon) are no longer available to customers in New York.  Complaints can be directed to your state legislators and the governor.

Now accepting AOCS medallions at face value.

American Open Currency Standard Website


All CyberMan Software services are provided at a rate of $25 (or 1/2 ounce of AOCS silver, or 12.5 ounces of AOCS copper – rounded after total hours) per hour. Due to changes in New York State Tax Law, which increase the burdens on businesses, taxable services are no longer available to customers in New York.

Web Development

  • HTML/LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PERL, Python, or PHP), with emphasis on PHP, coding and testing
  • LAMP application installation and configuration
    • phpMyAdmin
    • phpBB1
    • Joomla

Web development relies heavily on web server configuration, which may affect the amount of time required.

1 phpBB is a dangerous application that requires constant babysitting to fight comment spam, but if you want it, I won't stop you.

Linux Installation

Sometimes referred to as, "Windows extermination," the installation of a Linux distribution replaces your existing operating system (OS) with an open source OS designed for maximum stability and flexibility.  The preferred distro of CyberMan Software is Fedora, however others are readily available.

Online Entertainment

As an inroductory offer, one year subscriptions to CMS Games are free of charge. This will change in the future when we secure a means of funding it without collecting NYS sales/use tax.

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