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Important Notice About Sales Tax

All products and services that would be subject to sales and use tax under New York State Law (excluding those provided through external vendors, such as Cafe Press and Amazon) are no longer available to customers in New York.  Complaints can be directed to your state legislators and the governor.

Now accepting AOCS medallions at face value.

American Open Currency Standard Website


Software Products

  • graddress (LAMP platform)
    Graddress displays e-mail addresses on web pages as graphics in order to make them unreadable by OCR spambots.  It includes features to disguise the fact that there is an address in the image and even that the image is dynamically generated.
  • CMS Captcha (LAMP platform)
    CMS Captcha displays CAPTCHA images for online forms using tiled text on a tiled background.  This makes OCR scanning difficult for programs designed to break CAPTCHAS. (Demo)
    The documentation is slightly unclear on at least one point.  You can add an audio CAPTCHA by linking to the file "audio.php" in the CMS-Captcha directory.  Again, it's a good idea to avoid words and phrases like "CAPTCHA" and "security sound" in the anchor.

Tangible Products

In addition to software products and services, CyberMan Software offers a selection of shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. through CafePress shops.

Political Merchandise

  • debt2society — It's April 15th.  Have you paid your debt to society?
  • norochcurfew — Merchandise to show opposition to Rochester's curfew for children and young adults.
  • patact — Tell everybody what the "PATRIOT" Act really stands for: "Providing Abusive Tools to Ruthless Intrusive Omnivagant Tyrants"
  • voidbylaw — Features the Bill of Rights with "VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW" superimposed over it, courtesy of the PATRIOT Act.
  • nolmc — There is a movement beginning to take hold in America to use the taxing power of government to launder money to political campaigns. Supporters call this, "clean money," because they believe the free exercise of political speech is, "dirty."
  • dontphasemebro — Yet another parody of Andrew Meyer's "Don't tase me bro!" This one features a hand phaser.
  • stopcapitulatin — Stop capitulatin. If you want to live in a safe community, you have to make it safe.
  • comradebarack — How many planks of the Communist Manifesto do you see in the Comrade Barack Obama regime?
  • newgadsden — Updated version of the Gadsden Flag with a 3D CGI snake, ground, and text.
  • splitnewyork — Show your support for an economic stimulus for flag manufacturers with this merchandise featuring a split New York State with a sample 51 star flag.
  • bailoutbill — What's Uncle Sam's solution to the financial crisis?  The same as his solution to everything: walk up to the roulette wheel and put it all on blue!

Firearms Merchandise

  • 500liberalspisspants — We all know criminals cause crime, but liberals piss their pants over everything related to firearms.  This revolver has been making them piss their pants since 2003.
  • 500no600 — This is the biggest production revolver for one simple reason.  A .600 would be unwieldy.
  • 500worthstopping — Any violent crime worth stopping is worth stopping with certainty.
  • 500thugblank — Stopping a violent thug with a blank would be priceless.
  • 1911_2011_a — Celebrate the centennial of the Colt 1911 with merchandise that reads "1911-2011 Staying Power".
  • 1911_2011_b — Celebrate the centennial of the Colt 1911 with merchandise that reads "1911-2011: Here's to the next century.".  The slide is red, frame is white, and grip panel is blue.
  • 1911_2011_c — Celebrate the centennial of the Colt 1911 with merchandise that reads "1911-2011: Designs come and go. (Unless of course you nail it.)".  The slide is blue with thirteen white stars and the frame and grip panel are red and white stripes.

Computer Geek Merchandise

  • cyberman — This was my first shop.  It contains mostly CyberMan Software logo merchandise.
  • descentof0 — ARPANET > Internet > WWW > "Coaster of the Month" ISP > Television ISP (Due to trademark restrictions I cannot name the "Coaster of the Month" ISP or the ISP that lets users connect using their televisions.)
  • descentof1 — Switches/Lights > Punch Cards > Keyboard > Mouse > Taskbar
  • hwengvssweng — Hardware engineer --- (noun) Person who makes computers faster.  Software engineer --- (noun) Person who makes computers slower.
  • toomodded — This shop is dedicated to those special individuals who modify their computers way beyond what most people would consider "reasonable." All merchandise features a penguin peeling out in a drag racing computer with a reflective, green case.
  • cmshds1 — How clean is that hard drive you're about to sell/discard/recycle? Shred the data first with CMS hard drive shredder.

Miscellaneous Merchandise

  • noholiday — Tell everybody how you really feel about having some holiday forced upon you. Note that this is not anti-Christian. It is against the specific act of forcing their holiday on you with phrases like, "merry christmas," and, "happy holiday."
  • noholiday1 — During this "holiday season" show your discontent over "happy holidays", "merry Christmas", and those annoying bell ringers.

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